Feirra Hair Therapy

Hair REstoration

Bring follicles back to life with a mix of PRP injections and Microneedling for fast growing, thicker hair. Results after the first treatment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

No! We use lidocaine.  At most, it will feel uncomfortable in certain areas. 

What is PRP?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma.  It is a part of your blood and when separated and applied back in this manner, it produces stem-cell-like regenerative properties.  This aids in repairing and stimulating follicle and hair health. 

Why Microneedling?

Microneedling is one of the most effective ways to stimulate skin, follicles,  blood flow, and hair growth without any harmful lasers or lights. It also allows us to penetrate powerful vitamins and peptides that aid in hair health. 

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